What is Chronic Neck Pain?

Everyone at some time in their lives will experience some form of neck pain – however, there are different types of neck injury and pain that affect people.  Acute pain, for example, describes a scenario where pain is occurring as a result of an underlying problem or cause within the body.  Chronic pain, however, often occurs if such underlying causes go untreated or unnoticed, and, as a result, does not show any biological purpose.
Portrait of tired tailor woman with neck pain

The neck is a highly sensitive part of the spinal column and, as a result, is made up of a number of vertebrae and ligaments that hold up and allow the head to manoeuvre around.  As the neck often has a great weight to bear and is in need of much flexibility, it is not uncommon for strains, pains and even chronic neck pain to occur.  While some forms of chronic pain can appear after surgery or after symptoms of an illness have subsided, it can also manifest itself due to a number of different factors.  Causes of pain, much like anywhere else in the body, can be numerous and varied.

How is Neck Pain triggered?

Neck pain can commonly be triggered by lifting heavy equipment incorrectly, muscle or soft tissue sprain, or from motoring accidents that could cause whiplash.  While these are more severe opportunities for chronic neck pain to develop, a pain in the neck can also stem from awkward sleeping positions and posturing.  While more serious issues such as herniated spinal discs or nerve damage can be prime causes of pain, it is also important to understand that looking after your neck and your posture can be just as good a prevention as it can be a cure.

If you struggle regularly with neck pain and are unsure of steps to take to alleviate your condition, you may consider chiropractic care.  Here at the Hertfordshire Chiropractic, our team will assess your history of pain in close, confidential detail, examining previous hospital visits, x-rays, regular routines, habits or work conditions that may be pointing towards the causes of pain.  Once we are satisfied with our analysis of the root of the problem, we will then discuss the options available to you to help rehabilitate your neck to full health.

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Orchard Chiropractic do not simply analyse and diagnose – we seek to rehabilitate and provide advice on how you can avoid pain symptoms and further aggravations in future, all in all making your visit to us both effective in relieving your neck pain and eradicating any chance of the condition reoccurring in the future.  If you have any concerns regarding pain that you are currently experiencing, have a long history of neck problems or would like to know more about both the cures and preventative measures available, you can call us today on 01707 3777 97 – and we will be happy to discuss the relief and rehabilitation that both you and your neck are searching for.  Why not call us and let us see what we can do to make work and leisure less painful for you?

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