Sleeping positions that are great for you

When we go to sleep at night, it’s not very likely that we’ll be paying attention to the way in which we do so – how many of us will honestly say that we consciously aim to sleep on our sides, on our front or on our back each night?  Unless we have been advised to by a professional chiropractor or GP, it’s highly unlikely it’ll ever pass our minds.

However, it’s widely agreed via a number of studies that there are one or two sleeping positions which hold fantastic health benefits for your body long term, and that these may not be as obvious as you may have thought!  For your reference, we’ve decided to have a closer look at the two healthiest and most beneficial sleeping positions you can adopt.

Sleeping on Your Side

sleeping ladyMany people choose to sleep on their sides as it’s easy, comfortable and flexible – it’s a very natural position for sleeping couples and can also be considered one of the healthiest positions you can adopt at night.  Falling in line with what is also known as the ‘foetal position’, side sleeping is a comfortable option for sufferers of sleep apnea and other problems that prevent them from sleeping on their backs.

Side sleeping is said to provide considerable relief from digestive problems such as acid reflux and is also the safest natural sleeping state for pregnant women, who need to avoid sleeping on their backs and on their fronts to avoid back pain.

While some state that side sleeping may put pressure on your organs, there are more conclusions drawn from chiropractors and doctors the world over to suggest that it is an incredibly healthy way to get some much-needed rest.

Sleeping on Your Back

While perhaps not as commonly adopted as side sleeping, back sleeping is often heralded by chiropractors and professionals alike as the healthiest and most natural option for resting, as it provides your back, neck and spine with the full support of a mattress that is designed to do such a job – and it allows you to lay your body out in full in a flat manner that avoids bunching up or curling up your body in an unnatural way.

To help your neck and back long term, back sleeping is ideal as despite you resting on them, they are given perfect posture support and are at no risk of being strained.  If you are to consult a chiropractor about any problems you may have while sleeping or are looking to change some of your habits for the healthier, it is very likely that you will be recommended back sleeping as a remedy.

The way in which you sleep is unique to you and should only ever be changed drastically if you have concerns or if you have been advised to be a medical professional – and even then, it is for the best that you always consult a chiropractor before making any changes whatsoever to your sleeping regime.  For help and support on how to get the most out of your sleeping position, call us here at the Hertfordshire Chiropractic clinic today on 01707 3777 97 at your convenience!

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