The Importance of your Posture in the Working Environment

Common pain areas infographicAdvice relating to good posture should be nothing new to most people, particularly as we are often encouraged to undertake correct form and procedure from an early age. However, it is perhaps surprising that so many of us fail to practice or recognise the basics of good posture and form while in the workplace. Those of us that work desk jobs where we are required to work with a computer for long hours during the day may often find ourselves suffering from back, leg, foot or neck pain – and the unfortunate truth is that such strains and twinges are only likely to persist the more that we avoid taking on sound advice with regard to posture adjustment.

What does it do?

The fact of the matter is that adopting poor posture in the workplace can have a large knock-on effect for your physical health later in life. As some of us spend considerably long periods of time often hunched over a desk or computer, it can be easy to ignore the symptoms – ensure that you sit up straight, keep your feet level on the floor and that your PC is at comfortable eye level.

This being said, it can be tricky to program your mind to pay attention to your posture – after all, it is more a case of preventing further pain and injury than reaping any short-term benefits – but even by adopting a few of the most basic posture and form tips can ensure that your work life becomes more comfortable and that your physical health is altogether safeguarded. No one wants to suffer long-lasting pain anywhere in the body – and yet so many people risk neck and back strain by slouching over a PC for eight hours a day!

What you Should do About it

Advice on how to avoid bad posture and pain at work is widespread – your employer will likely have a guide or a training module set up to ensure that you understand and are ready to practice the basics at the very least – it is their legal responsibility to ensure that you are aware of risks to your health and safety in the workplace. Further to this, anyone struggling to get into adjusting their posture at work will surely benefit from a wide range of lumbar supports and accessories that can train your body and mind into adopting safe form for all future shifts. A licensed chiropractor, too, will be able to offer you bespoke advice on how to ensure that your body can remain healthy and free from pain while working long desk shifts.

As experienced chiropractors, we at Hertfordshire Chiropractic Clinic can help share tips on how to adjust your posture for the better and which will uniquely benefit for body – for more information or to arrange a consultation, simply Contact us today on 01707 3777 97 – and we will be happy to book you in and discuss any concerns you may have at your convenience!

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