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Chiropractic treatment is aimed at restoring normal function of the joints. 

When the joints stop working properly we can experience soreness, aching tight muscles and sometimes shooting or ‘toothache’ like pain which travels down the arm or leg.

To help the joints get better, the Chiropractor will use mobilisation techniques called ‘adjustments’ and other treatments such as massage, traction or hot and cold.  After the very sore ‘acute’ phase of the injury has eased, exercises will be given as well as advice on posture to prevent the problems from returning.

We are mostly known for treating the spine but all the joints of the body can be treated as well.  Some of the problems that can be treated effectively are:   


                        acute back pain            shoulder pain

                        ‘slipped’ disc                headache/migraine

                        knee problems              neck aches and pains

                        sports injuries                strains from accidents


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