Duncan Stronach BSc. M.Chiro, B.App.Sc, Cert. Physical Rehab.


After finishing my Sports Science Degree I started a business called Physical Rehabilitation Service.  I began working with an ex-British Army physiotherapist, designing exercise rehabilitation programmes for his patients.  We would design and supervise the patients’ rehabilitation exercises in the gym, pool or home.

While recognising the benefit  of exercise in rehabilitation, I wanted to do more, so after six years of full time study I became a Chiropractor. 

I ran a busy practice in Adelaide for 2 years before travelling to America then Canada and in 2001, settled in Hertfordshire with my wife.

I have been in practice in Welwyn Garden City for almost ten years and in Potters Bar for 5 years.  During this time I have taken the opportunity to study various treatment techniques including the ‘low force’ Activator Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Paediatric Chiropractic as well as Foot Function and Orthotic prescription.

I now have two children and understand how busy life can get, finding that work/life balance can be difficult.  One thing I know, it would be a lot harder without good health.  Chiropractic is a unique profession which aims to promote optimum health and wellbeing.  This is why I love being a Chiropractor.

What you should know


Adelaide, South Australia 1966


St Albans (since 2001) with my wife and two children.


University of South Australia

  1. Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise and Sports Science.

  1. Graduate Certificate in Physical Rehabilitation.

University of adelaide

  1. Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology.

macquarie university

  1. Masters of Chiropractic.

interests and hobbies:

Skiing, Mountain Biking, Sailing, DIY

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